Our kitchen embarks on a culinary journey inspired by Japanese heritage where we use traditional techniques from the Far East and combine them with Mexican ingredients to enhance and elevate flavors. Like that, we create a balanced, harmonious marriage on the plate.

Sunset Experience featuring the Mayan jungle and the Caribbean sea all in one.

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Tseen Ja features an izakaya menu concept, a family-style kind of dining, that presents dishes as they come-- without particular order. It can even be considered a sharing menu, a participation of your whims, the chef's omakase options of the day, and traditional sashimis, nigiri, rolls, and more. Topped with a beautiful coffee digestif, it is a meal you do not want to miss.

Tseen Ja also offers nest dining, private tables that overlook the jungle, crafted to take your gastronomic voyage to a new level. It is a memorable way to lock in an evening with a large group of friends, climb up and live a unique experience surrounded by unforgettable scenery. Additionally, it offers perhaps the most spectacular sunset vista in all the Mexican Caribbean.

Climb above the treetops to a nesting stronomic voyage of a new level

Abridging the distance between Japan and Mexico in a gastronomic experience.

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