Bazaar IK is the refuge of the creations that are born in dreams, are woven in the hands, and reach their material form as iconic emblems of azulik. It is a tangible extension of the imagination. We recover the ancestral legacy that weaves, molds and allows for the birth of forms from the intuition that is expressed in the sensory. Starting from dreamlike planes, we materialize these ideas though physical demonstration

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BAZAAR IK is the space that houses the material forms of dreams - the imagery, philosophy and creative process - of AZULIK born within the workshops of byRoth. This means that we privilege the most primary forms of artistic creation. We return to the artisanal techniques that allow a creative process that transcends mass production and revalues the knowledge of the communities.

We do this through the connection of our artisans with the forms of creation (macramé, ceramics, glass) inspired by the native communities. This way we create a link with the observation and interpretation of nature expressed in artistic materiality.
Our customers find the universe of AZULIK, created in byRoth's artisan workshops, at BAZAAR IK. It has earned it international prestige by identifying as a design that recovers visual forms. It is the space that presents collaborations with brands related to our way of creating: sustainable, organic, handmade.

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