In harmony with nature, with complete semiosis, we are developing a unique creative process in which everyone contributes to the development of form.

In reality, the process is to resonate in harmony with the Thought Form of nature and in doing so plastic forms naturally emerge, just as the beautiful fur of a fox or the incredible plumage of a crow naturally grows. By not getting in the way, harmonic processes consistent with semiosis naturally emerge, they do so spontaneously as a bird sings inspired by a flower.

/ Roth Design

We Design out of convention, challenging the structure and following the dynamics of the game: One that excites

/ Studio

byRoth Design is the creative exercise expressed in the visual and material representation of forms that are born from the messages we observe, hear and feel from the environment. We seek to evoke emotions, ideas and awaken reflection from the creation of pieces that integrate our cosmogony, one that puts life and nature at the center.

Contemplating an investigation of symbolism, of shapes that replicate in nature and in art in its first steps, we generate concepts that visually represent complex ideas, guided by nature, art and ancestry.

The shapes that are born from the hand of the artisans of our workshops are printed and materialized in the expression of the design that we carry out in byRoth Design; thus the plastic knowledge is combined with an investigation of the environment and its forms to develop the concepts to which we give materiality with the design.

Without bounded
plans, we allow
forms to be born
and flow


/ Disciplines involved

  • Macrame
  • Ceramic
  • Glass
  • Architecture
  • Design
  • Productions

/ Brands involved

  • Jungle Cuisine
  • Kin Toh
  • Tseen Ja
  • Azulik
  • Bazaar Ik
  • Sfer Ik Museion

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