We believe that forms that are born from the hand carry in themselves a very important added value, the wisdom of the hand. Thus, our craftsmen allow themselves to imagine and intuit original ways to inhabit spaces: the furniture becomes a living entity of the surrounding atmospheres.

/ ROTH Furniture

Incorporating a premise of timelessness and unique pieces, we design thinking that a material presence can reinvent the dynamics of a space.

All shapes can become an object, all objects can have infinite shapes.

At byRoth Furniture we believe that the most unpredictable forms can enrich our everyday lives by allowing us to play and rediscover ways of approaching everyday objects. We abandon the idea that limits creative expression and let textures and materials flow to give birth to irregular, original and unique structures that evoke the forms of nature and play with space.

We intervene the spaces from the proposal of the furniture that inhabits them and that interacts with the participants of the same, with the design that we print to the objects that we use every day, we reinterpret the forms.

/ Workshop

From the hand we create authentic and challenging objects of everyday space.

Our proposal combines materials, textures and diverse techniques in which the work of our workshops in disciplines such as macramé merge with the plastic work of the creators of the furniture.


/ Disciplines involved

  • Macrame
  • Ceramic
  • Glass
  • Architecture
  • Productions

/ Brands involved

  • Jungle Cuisine
  • Kin Toh
  • Tseen Ja
  • Azulik
  • Bazaar Ik
  • Sfer Ik Museion

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