There is a particular language that lives in the jungle, in the forest, in the sea that escapes words. It is a natural musicality that takes us back to the origin of the heartbeat, of the blood in the veins, and of the lungs breathing. We are the echo of the sounds that inhabit the environment which we then turn into music.

As in all our initiatives, we reinterpret the environment and creatively express a way of understanding the world: returning to the origin of the primary sounds that make us feel through the frequency they emit.

We celebrate life through sound, we link ourselves with the vibrations of all the elements that surround us, and we translate them into the musicality that accompanies us in movement.

/ Azulik Sounds

The language of the trees, the wind of the forest, and the dancing leaves accompany the creation of a new sound: the one of life interpreting itself.

/ The brand

AZULIK Sounds is the conceptual sound space of byRoth's artisan workshops; like the rest of the initiatives, it seeks to provide an original solution to artistic exploration by incorporating nature as the protagonist and ancestry as a guide for multidisciplinary expressions.

We create sounds guided by the vibrations
of nature — experimenting with technological
tools in the first recording studio in
the world that features the presence of trees.

Recording sounds of nature and reinterpreting them, unique sound designs are produced here. In launching one of the most unique recording studio projects, we are ready to let the trees sing. We are the echo of the sound of life, taking advantage of all the technological tools to reinterpret it.

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