Based on the research we do on food through traditional medicine and ancestral values, we invent dishes that reinterpret the daily ways of their preparation and propose ways that nourish us and add to our well-being without sacrificing flavor.

Our restaurant is immersed in a unique space: a multi-awarded architectural structure that coexists with nature. To visit Jungle Cuisine, one is to enter a universe that from the space enunciates its purpose: to unite us with an intelligent system, to coexist in our expression, and to inhabit the environment in a respectful way.

Jungle Cuisine is located within the circumference of AZULIK Residence, when one can take a tour ofSFER IK, our museion, where contemporary art coexists with the jungle of Uh May.

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We believe that food can be medicine. Jungle Cuisine is a dyad between gastronomic and architectural exploration deep within the lush of the jungle.

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We create a healing movement that stimulates the experience of haute cuisine from a different perspective.

Our chefs recover the value of traditional knowledge of alimentation and take it to its maximum potential, captivating the palates and curiosity of our diners around the world

Our techniques and research allow us to propose an innovative culinary experience that defies conventions and sets the precedent for an exploration to relate to food in a different way: respectful of its time, environment, and forms of production.

Thanks to the interdisciplinarity that we practice with the members of the AZULIK Tribe, we are in a constant evolution and reflection on how to promote a message of reconnection from our field.

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