We discovered our creative method: one based on collaboration and multidisciplinarity. And today we decided to expand it to the world to nurture more voices, more hands and more heart. In a mission of unity, AZULIK Tribe is born: our digital universe of creative and resolute community.

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AZULIK Tribe is the project that makes our co-creative, collaborative mission digital. Through technological tools we expand our universe to a virtual plane, in order to communicate, connect and make a global Tribe. Through open challenges, in which we seek original and regenerative solutions from all the creatives of the world, we seek to create a global community of people who are on a mission to transform the environment towards a better reality.

Trust: when we support each other,
collaboration is born and we are part of
a transformative co-creative process.

Today's world demands us to think collectively to
find holistic and functional solutions

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