Mezcal is born from a plant that humbly receives sunshine, water, and the nutrients from the soil for years on end, transforming energy into liquid appreciation. The magic begins in the moonlight that breeds the maguey at Full Moon and reaches us on Earth when it kisses our lips in the form of mezcal. Thus, with paced, liquid kisses, mezcal makes us magical too. It is a mysterious spirit, one that simultaneously encompasses nature, art and ancestry; and one that captures our curiosity with its endless wisdom. An infinite learning curve

/ Mantli

All it takes is a little bit of
sunshine, and guidance from
the Moon for mezcal to be born.

The one who drinks mezcal succeeds to separate
their body from their soul,
allowing intuition to be the guide.

/ The brand

Our mezcal is a distillation of the rares forms of agave, all wild called Silvestres. We believe in nature untouched, undisturbed, letting it flourish on its own terms. And so, for our distillations we must go out into the wild and search for these special plants that take extra years to mature into their most powerful state in the highlands of Oaxaca.

Our first two expressions feature a pure blend Tepextate and a special blend of Tobala and Jabali agaves. All of the variations that we work take years to mature making them an embottlement of time and patience. The way that Mother Earth wants it-- slow, paced, and respectful.

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