We endow our humanity with meaning and value by reflecting on the ways in which we carry out this daily life: we propose an inclusive gastronomy, which collaborates with local economies; sustainable, which does not impact on its transportation and respects harvesting times; medicinal, which nourishes our body and spirit.

/ Roth Cuisine

The ingredients of the earth transform and transform us. We perform alchemy that heals from the total experience: from the inside in.

Feed the mind and the body with Balanced alimentation connected to the origin, the elements and the human touch that sows it and prepares it.

The paths of food in its most primary, organic and pure essence are combined with the sophistication of forms: gastronomy. Like all the proposals we create, our culinary journey implies a reflection on the purpose of everyday forms: how do we give meaning to that which is part of our humanity?

In byRoth Cuisine, breaking paradigms, we sustain and demonstrate that culinary enjoyment can be lived simultaneously with healing; that when we continue a cycle of life and do not impact the environment around us, there is a synergy that begins in the process and culminates in our body. We begin an alchemical journey where the transformation of substances is subjected to fire to propose a game that expands our sensory world: it is possible to heal ourselves and resignify what we take for granted, to change the perspective of food.

Our culinary proposal is a journey that encompasses a connection between architecture, aesthetic understanding, artisanry and all byRoth disciplines. Extending from the crockery created in ouur ceramic ovens, to the design of the space, the Macramé details, and the philosophy of sustainable architecture, it is a collaborative effort

We unite ancestral tradition, gastronomy, architecture and reconnection with nature: thanking its fruits, Marveling at its environment, and reinterpreting our relationship with food.


/ Disciplines involved

  • Cuisine
  • Ceramic
  • Architecture
  • Design

/ Brands involved

  • Jungle Cuisine
  • Kin Toh
  • Tseen Ja
  • Azulik

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