To tell a story is to record a way of seeing the world and to transmit a message that seeks to expand.

Remembering the stories that have meaning and drawing inspiration from a multicultural, multidisciplinary universe, we co-create the narrative of the world we imagine and want to make real.

/ Roth Productions

Behind a lens we weave the thread of meaning that binds our purpose: a message of reconnection.

/ Studio

byRoth Productions is a multidisciplinary audiovisual team that uses digital tools to find a way to transmit the message that we have built as a creative group. We rely on ancestral knowledge that links us with nature, which speaks of a way of organizing ourselves socially in a collaborative and horizontal way.

We seek to build a message that recovers the ways in which our ancestors imagined the world: from a deep bond with the earth and the profound meaning of the environment. We take care of the aesthetics, the language of words and images in order to consolidate a way of portraying reality, which at the same time allows us to continue dreaming.

The creativity of the audiovisual team is nourished by their interaction with the rest of the workshops that participate in the brainstorming meetings and combine their efforts to create plausible universes. The image is accompanied by the sound design, the imagery of the artisans and the ideas of all the members of the AZULIK Tribe.

From intuition we remember our history, and with the future in mind we record our story.


/ Disciplines involved

  • Macrame
  • Ceramic
  • Glass
  • Architecture
  • Productions

/ Brands involved

  • Jungle Cuisine
  • Kin Toh
  • Tseen Ja
  • Azulik
  • Bazaar Ik
  • Sfer Ik Museion

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