As the original communities do, singing in union, we believe in the power of collectivity. We seek to learn from them in order to reconnect with our origins, to reconnect with nature, and to be united with each other.

From the heart, intuition, and with our hands, Enchanting Transformation is the path of our heart as a Tribe towards our purpose: to protect life and generate communities linked by collaboration and co-creation.

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We seek collaborative and co-creative solutions that transform the world through a path that comes from the heart.

If we all sing the same song, the music we make will resonate and transform the world.

Born from the hand of AZULIK and its core values, we believe we can contribute to the gestation of a new paradigm by helping individuals and tribes –both native and contemporary– reconnect with one another, with others and with the environment, honoring their uniqueness and unearthing their creative talents. Enchanting Transformation is AZULIK's foundation that protects the natural environment in places where it is endangered. We work with communities to recover their ancestral knowledge and link it with all the creative possibilities.

Hand-in-hand we join the original communities to remember the path of the heart and transform the world.

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