With two exhibition spaces, SFER IK Museion is the premier destination for contemporary art in Tulum and Francisco Uh May comprising exhibitions, innovative workshops, and innovative artist residencies. It is a sphere that houses the possibility of creating, creation itself, and its development and presentation in the physical world. One of our main objectives is to be a space for horizontal and circular dialogue where hierarchies are diluted and knowledge flow from one point to another, fostering something new. This concept is translated through the artwork presented as well as through the architecture, the curation, and the communication.

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We recognize the importance of nature, plants, rivers, wind. We recognize that their presence in the spaces we inhabit allows people to perceive the world in a more integral way.

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SFER IK Museion is an artistic project by AZULIK composed of two museums located in Quintana Roo in southeastern Mexico: SFER IK Tulum and SFER IK Francisco Uh May. Both museums use the core values of AZULIK--nature, art, and ancestry, as a starting point for dialogue in their architecture, programming, and direction.

SFER IK is connected through a connection of bridges and forms as if windblown, without following a particular logic or direction. These seamlessly fit into the natural world that surrounds them. When walking on the pre-existing forms of nature, we enter resonance with the patterns. The energy follows the form, and the form determines the function. Thus, we create synergy with the development model that nature created for the unique space.

People who arrive get enchanted by the experience: they sit and spend a long time contemplating the place. Museion means “temple of the muses,” and it is a sure muse of its own. It singlehandedly creates conditions required to have contact with art: humility, openness, relaxation. These conditions are fundamental because art is a bridge to the sacred. Just like the activity of a shaman, rites are revealed in the art that allows us to access the source, the origin. And that is precisely what nature is. Art is a vehicle that brings us closer to our purpose and allows us to discover a more meaningful and regenerative existence.

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